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1971 - 1973 as technical director
at the company Sick in Munich for the ressort

"Measuring Technique for Protection of the Environment" and from

1973 - 1979 Setting up the department "Emission Research" at Daimler-Benz

in Stuttgart and from

1979 - 1990 as head
of the Department "Homologation and Methods of Analysis"

at BMW in Munich, and from

1990 -2005  as head of the Department  "Energy and Environment" at BMW,

Now I am a managing director of an engineering firm for Energy, Fuels,

 Climate change and the Environment with special emphasis on:

- Emissions from all sources, especially for road transport

- Trend analysis of all standard exhaust components

- CO, NMHC, NO, NO2, O3, particulates, particulate matter, PM10, PM2.5,

   (Mass and number), including size distribution analysis and SO2

- Climate and greenhouse gases (CO2, CH4, N2O, tropospheric O3, CFC

- Renewable energies and resources

- Alternative fuels and drive drains, (natural gas and hydrogen vehicles)

- Health effects of elevated concentrations for the above mentioned components

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