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We offer our customers a competent and reliable service. In addition to

selected topics you will find here  timely advice and important information.

- Organizing and managing of environmental conferences

- Conference chairs for the  topics

    - Emission calculations
for mobile and stationary sources,

       especially for road transport

    - Trend analysis of all standard exhaust components

       - CO, NMHC, NO, NO2, O3, particulates, particulate matter,

         PM10, PM2.5, (Mass and number), Nanoparticles,

         including size distribution analysis and SO2

    - Climate and greenhouse gases

      (CO2, CH4, N2O, tropospheric O3, CFC)

    - Renewable energies and resources

    - Alternative fuels and drive drains, (natural gas / hydrogen vehicles)

    - Health effects of high concentrations for the mentioned components

- Courses of lectures "Car and the Environment" and

                                  "The Road to Hydrogen Technology"

   at the Coburg University of applied scinces

- Presentations on various conferences, congresses and symposia

- assistance in publishing books and websites

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