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We are proud to present to you here a selection of our satisfied customers. Quality pays up. Certainly we will be able to convince you of the quality of our professional services.

Umicore, AC-RT-PD, Hanau,

AECC Association for Emission Control by Catalysts, Brüssel,

ÖVK Österreichischer Verein für Kraftfahrzeugtechnik, Wien,

Volkswagen AG, EADA,  Wolfsburg,

CTI Car Training Institue,

IQPC International Quality & Productivity Center,

HDT Haus der Technik in Essen,


TAE Technische Akademie Esslingen,

Some examples of chairing conferences:

- Biofuels - a challenge to the automotive, 26th-27th June 2007 in Munich,

- Biofuels in the combustion engine, 10-11 June 2008 in Mannheim

- 1. Automotive Biofuels International Conference,

   9th-11th September 2008 in Berlin

- 3. Automotive Biofuels International Conference,

   29th-31th September 2011 in Berlin

Some examples of organized symposia

1st Andechser Environmental Symposium "Emission
Reduction and Fuel Saving ",

16th-17th October 2006 in Andechs

2nd Andechs / Herrschinger Environmental Symposium

"CO2 reduction and Exhaust Emission Reduction ",

15-May 16, 2008 in Herrsching

The conference proceedings are also published as separate books.

Sample presentations

- "Estimation of Worldwide CO, NMHC, NOx and PM Emission",

   10th Int. Conference on Harmonisation within Dispersion Modelling for

    Regulatory Purposes Atmosheric, 17.-20. October 2005 in Sissi, Crete 

- "Health effects of diesel engine exhaust emissions"

    on the occasion of  the 7th International Colloquium Fuels Mineral Oil Based

    and Alternative Fuels, 14.-15. January 2009 in Esslingen

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